IT Infrastructure Management

Hardware Support

Annual Maintenance Services:

We are doing services for all accessories of computers. And for this components will be replaced if it gets repaired.

We offer our services for Annual Maintenance Contract like Computing Systems, like Desktop, Laptops. We offer our clients highly specialized Annual Maintenance Contract Services. Our professionals provide total maintenance of laptops and desktops for any security or hardware related problems. This annual maintenance contracts assists in detection of the problems faced by the system at an early stage. Further, we offer very nominal charge for our services.

We offer network maintenance services as per the client requirements. Our network-maintenance professionals understand how to deal with multi-vendor’s equipment’s and software’s and work according to structured processes and procedures to ensure efficient network operations and maintenance. Further, we offer these services at industries leading prices.

Annual Service Contracts:

For a company the service will be done in a contract base and we will not replace the components if it gets repaired.

Service contracts are usually extremely profitable for the security contractor and provide a predictable revenue stream.

If you are paying for maintenance on a time and materials basis, be sure that you are not paying for something that should be covered by warranty. The best protection against this is to obtain copies of all manufacturers warranties prior to making final payment for the system installation.

Facilities Management Services:

Facilities management companies generally charge a fixed annual amount to maintain a data center, then add fees based on processing volume. An in-house operation entails a large fixed cost; with facilities management, data processing became a variable cost. Data processing costs increase when the company's business activities increase and decrease when business slows. This pricing schedule allows more efficient use of the company's funds.

Infrastructure Management:

  • Server Support
  • Desktops, Laptops
  • Anti-virus software management
  • Networking solutions including Fiber Optic
  • Print Services
  • Backup Solutions
  • Security, file sharing, and user administration