Printer Management

Organizations today need simple and productive ways to manage their business. AVIGHNA offers a unique approach to managing your print devices and supplies and extending the life span of your assets with our Managed Print Services.

We can help manage your print environment. Contact your AVIGHNA technology advisor for plan options.

  • Deploy Print Servers
  • Deploying Printers and Print Servers
  • Managing Printers and Print Servers
  • Wireless & Mobile Printing
  • Resources for Print Management
  • User Interface: Print Management

Audit Printing - Audit all Printing Traffic in a Printer and Network Environment of any size or type.

Control Printing - Set Quotas, Restrictions, Authentication and Security on Printing Traffic.

Manage Printing - Printing Usage Reports, Charts, Statements, Savings and much more...

Remote and Mobile Device Printing - Print from a Browser, Laptop, iPad, Surface, Chromebook, Slate or any Android Device.

Billing Module - Hold print jobs for Authentication and/or Billing Codes.

Supply Ordering and Shipment - We take order of all manufactures of Printers, Multi functionality Printer & Wireless printers.